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Thinking Outside the Urn

As cremations have become more and more popular in recent years, people have devised a number of unusual ways to commemorate their loved ones.  Click on the links below and check it out!

Your very own  diamond(s) can be created from carbon in cremated remains, a lock of hair, or both.  Your LifeGem memorial will provide a lasting memory that endures just as a diamond does. Forever.



An  Eternal Reefs Memorial Reef is a designed reef of cast concrete that can include the cremated remains of a loved one. These Memorial Reefs create new marine habitats for fish and other forms of sea life.



Remembrance Tree Papers  honors the life of your loved one by creating customized memorial stationery that at least in a small way captures his or her essence. They create handmade 100% recycled funeral papers. You can choose to have wildflower seeds embedded in your memorial cards and thank-you notes so that the paper can be planted and blossom into a miniature garden. When you order memorial stationery products through Remembrance Tree Papers, we will plant a tree through the organization Trees for the Future in remembrance of your cherished family member. This tree will live on for generations, providing hope, improving the climate, communities, and the environment.


Celestis Memorial Spaceflights places a small portion of cremated remains into Earth orbit, onto the lunar surface, and into deep space. Missions into space that return the cremated remains to Earth are also available. Your loved one will venture into space as part of a real space mission, riding alongside a commercial or scientific satellite.



Fine Art prints can be created from your loved one’s cremated remains. At Eternal Life Imaging, their goal is to turn an image you supply (or one that our artists create for you) into Fine Art commemorative prints using their patented process. They incorporate a small portion of your loved one’s cremated remains directly into the ink and that is what is used to create your one of a kind work of art.



There are still more ways to send cremated remains back into nature. For example, there’s the exciting idea of sending your loved one up (literally) as part of a fireworks display.




•    Bury the cremated remains loose in your garden and plant a rose bush over them so that the plant grows using the nutrients left in the ashes and therefore become a real part of your lost loved one.


•     Commission a portrait in which the artist will mix in some of the cremated remains with the paints.


•    Have piece of jewelry custom made, ideally out of gold, but request some of the cremated remains be mixed in with the molten metal before it is formed into the ring, necklace etc.


•    Have some of the cremated remains made into a hollow ceramic object and the remaining cremated remains placed within that object.  The cremated remains can be incorporated into the slip of piece (clay).  


•     How about a window decal for your home or car to commemorate your loved one?  Just check it out with a local sign maker.







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