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Biodegradable - Salt Cremation Urn - $295.00

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  • Price: $295.00
  • Size in inches: 7 x 10
  • Cubic inches: 260
  • Description: This beautiful, natural, biodegradable, Himalayan Sea Salt Cremation Urn was carved from a block of sea salt. Thousands of years ago a sea evaporated leaving salt beds, rich in minerals. The sea salt coupled with the minerals evaporated and compressed, resulting in salt that ranges in color from pale apricot to dark coral. This color variation is due to the varying concentration of iron and manganese in the location where the salt is mined. This beautiful biodegradable urn will accommodate a water burial or earth burial. A biodegradable, water soluble bag is included with each urn. Variations in color and texture are to be expected as it is a naturally occurring element. Non-sealing.




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