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Biodegradable - White Heart Box Keepsake Urn - $25.00

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  • Price: $ 25.00
  • Size in inches: 7 x 5 x 2.5
  • Cubic inches: 32
  • Description: Blooming Heart Biodegradable Box is intended for water burial. Designed to float for several minutes, then descend gracefully to the depths where they will gently release ashes and biodegrade completely within about 24 hours. Also suitable for biodegradable land burial. Can be opened so that some or all of the ashes can be scattered on the surface prior to placing in the water. A wildflower ornament is attached. Each ornament is crafted by hand in batch runs, so shapes and colors can vary. The ornament needs only to be planted and wildflowers should return year after year to honor your loved one.




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