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Distinctive and beautiful, our cremation urns are designed to memorialize the individuality of your loved one. The styles vary widely as do the materials and costs. Our funeral home boasts the largest, in stock collection of any funeral home in Lincoln. Our collection is designed to meet a range of tastes and is very affordable. Many are sold at wholesale costs. Prices are subject to change. Come in today and view our exclusive showroom of urns.


What type of cremation urn do I need?
The answer to this question depends on what you intend to do with the cremated remains. There are several options:
1.    Keep all of the cremated remains in a single cremation urn at home. Most of the urns we sell are large enough to contain all of the cremated remains of a single adult. Some selections are large enough for two adults, known as companion urns.

2.    Bury the urn in a cemetery.  Most city cemeteries require an urn vault for burial.  (Click here for more information)

3.    Share some of the cremated remains with family or friends. Many families purchase a full-size cremation urn, but choose to pass along some of the cremated remains to family and friends in multiple smaller  "keepsake urns" or  "cremation jewelry”.

4.    Another option is scattering of some or all of the cremated remains in their loved one's favorite place. Generally, the “temporary” urn that comes in each package will work best for scattering.  It is easy to travel with and works well for airlines. But we do sell specialized scattering urns designed for dignified scattering of cremated remains.

5.    Perform a biodegradable burial on land or water. An environmentally friendly alternative:  biodegradable urns  are created using natural materials including paper, natural clays, wood and water-soluble non-toxic paints. They are environmentally friendly and or decompose naturally. Some are designed to break down slowly over time when placed into the earth. Other earth urns or burial at sea urns are designed to dissolve in minutes when placed into a body of water.

What size cremation urn do I need?
Depeding upon what you intend to do with the cremated remains, the size of urns vary. The cremated remains are composed of calcium and have the consistency of coarse beach sand. If you plan on purchasing an urn to fit all the cremated remains, you would need an urn that is approximately 200 cubic inches in size, for an average size adult. If you choose to scatter cremated remains, but keep a bit for memorialization, you might choose a keepsake urn, which can be any size you prefer.


What should be considered when placing a cremation urn or funeral urn in a columbarium or niche?
Columbariums and niches vary widely. You should check with the columbarium or niche manager to make sure that the cremation urn you choose will fit within the space and meet any other requirement they may have. Many columbarium or niche managers will not permit cremation urns and funeral urns made of certain materials, such as wood, so make sure the urn you purchase meets their requirements.


What if we are traveling by plane with the urn?
Let Aspen know your plans. We suggest you carry on the “temporary” urn that comes with each package or one of our biodegradable boxes.  They can be x-rayed. We will send you with a copy of the death certificate and a letter stating your intensions.  If upgrading the urn to a wood, brass, ceramic or marble product, check in or ship the upgraded version separately.  Do not put any cremated remains in it before traveling. Fill it upon arrival at your destination.  A local funeral home will assist you if needed.


What if we are using Lincoln Memorial Park, Wyuka, Fairview or another city cemetery that requires a vault for an urn?
Aspen’s Urn Vault combination, the Tribute or the Regal are perfect products for you to choose at a very reasonable cost.  You won’t have to hire a vault company to come to cemetery.  You can carry the urn yourself to the cemetery and won’t have to involve Aspen in the graveside.  Both of these are a cost savings to the family.







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