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Whether facing Breast Augmentation in Chicago, IL or elsewhere, the steps a woman needs to take to prepare herself for surgery are basically the same. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfectly safe surgical procedure, but taking the time to do all of these steps before surgery will greatly improve chances of a problem-free procedure.

Stop Smoking Or Greatly Cut Back

Smoking causes significant problems with the respiration and circulation systems of the body.Smokers often react badly to anesthesia because their bodies cannot take it like a non-smoking body can. Cutting back or quitting smoking also helps the body heal after the surgery. A successful breast augmentation surgery is a powerful motivator for some women smokers to quit. Although it's best to quit smoking at least eight weeks before surgery, this is not always possible. Discuss with the surgeon when to stop or cut back on smoking.

Find Yourself a Driver

Do not try to drive yourself home from the clinic or hospital where the procedure is to be done. The effects of anesthesia -- even local anesthesia -- greatly impairs the ability to react to problems or to even stay alert enough to drive. Driving there is fine, as long as someone else is able to drive the vehicle after the procedure. One advantage of having breast augmentation photos surgery is that there is a thorough public transportation system in case you cannot find a driver or taxi. Ask your surgeon's office if they recommend any particular taxi company.

Find a Babysitter

Women after breast augmentation surgery are in no shape to care for small children by themselves. Find a babysitter or send the children away to relatives during recuperation. Surgeons also recommend a friend or loved one to babysit the patient for at least 24 hours after the surgery. Patients need someone with a clear head to spot problems that a groggy post-surgery patient may ignore or miss entirely.

Remove Nail Polish

In order to monitor vital signs, clip sensors are placed on a woman's fingertips or toetips. Nail polish interferes with the workings of these senors. It's best to remove all nail polish from fingers and toes so that medical personnel can find the best digit to clip onto the paitent. If in a rush, remove polish from at least one finger and one toe.

Bring a List of All Medications and Supplements Taken

Patients for Breast Augmentation Chicago may be repeatedly asked what medications they take and how much they take each day. They also will ask about nutritional supplements or any vitamins taken daily. This is to make sure medications will not react badly with the anesthesia and medications the patient will be given. It's best to write this down so the list can be easily photocopied.

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